Get the best non-custodial exchange rate for your crypto 💸

Switchain is a way to compare rates across different instant (non-custodial) exchanges. With the recent exchange hacks and growing privacy concerns, non-custodial exchanges are a good alternative to security and privacy focused crypto users.

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I have used many crypto exchanges during last 3 years. Honestly, for people making their first steps into crypto, Switchain seems like a good match. Very easy to buy/sell and useful comparisons between rates of different exchanges.


Smooth UX

Easy to use for newbies


Still needs a bit of traction

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Got into bitcoin a few months back and this is actually a good site if you want to check other cryptocurrency exchange.


Easy to navigate/understand


still kinda new

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Thank you for your comment :)
Looks great. How do you decide what coins Switchain supports natively with its own exchange rate? Will you expand on which coins are available?
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@choobie3 Thanks for the comment! Basically what we do is gather data on what our users are trying to exchange. We then try to offer the most popular pairs. Imagine if Kayak had their own airline for the most demanded flight searches 😊. We will mostly expand with ERC20 tokens as we see a lot of demand, and other exchanges are not supporting the newer ones.
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Hello everyone 👋! After losing money in a few exchange hacks, we found ourselves using non-custodial exchanges more and more so we decided to build this tool. In this first version, we compare across 1600 crypto pairs and we offer our own rates in 10 popular pairs, including the reddit meme/currency garlicoin 🙏🙏🙏. We're currently working on integrated support for hardware wallets, allowing customers who hold their cryptocurrency safely to also exchange in a safe manner. Please feel free to ask any questions!
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In the crypto world tools clearly its the best choice in my opinion.


Really the best prices you can find in real time.


Its too fast for me bro