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Find & apply to verified internships in India 🇮🇳

Switch Idea is a platform that makes internships easy. Employers can connect with qualified interns and likewise, students can join verified internships.
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Love this! I run a programming community on Instagram, and I have quite a lot of Indian followers. I will be sure to share this resource on my page :)
@bpmct Sounds good. Please do not hesitate to ask your Indian followers to reach out to us during their internship hunt, we'd be glad to help. Moreover, you may also share our National Internship Helpline +91-9555-141-142 that offers instant internship support over the phone.
@mottled Will do, thanks :)
@mottled congrats on the launch; a lot of my friends keep looking for internships and I don't know where to find leads to recommend to them so this is very cool 🙌 Are you planning on expanding to other countries soon?
@amrith Thank you for the kind words. Presently, Switch Idea hosts verified internships across 17 domains and all the major Indian cities. Every internship comes with a guaranteed stipend and perks for interns. Yes, the global expansion is certainly there on our timeline in the near future.
Great job!!😀 Will be using this too ! Does it cater to all fields,courses?
@ayush_chandra Thanks for reaching out. Yes, the platform covers internships across all the major courses, domains and industries except Medicine, Hotel Management and Fashion. All-in-all, the platform is more popular among students who are presently seeking technical or domain-specific Internships during their semester breaks.
@mottled great job! Next internshala you are
@ayush_chandra Thanks! Our #1 priority is to help our user community to connect in a hassle free manner. We're available over the phone too! Need an intern? Call us Looking for an internship? Call us. Every day achievements keep us motivated to look beyond the competition, and just focus on our users.
Nice work, Niranjan. How is it better than Internshala or Twenty19?
@adithvictor Good question! Here's how Switch Idea is different from other internship platforms. First, it offers dual connectivity to HRs Unlike other internship portals which allow hiring managers to post internship and then wait for candidates to apply, only to receive a few good applications, we allow the HRs to purposefully and effectively dive into Switch Idea’s student base, comprised of over thousands of verified college students, 72% of which account for undergraduates from technical courses. Once a business sees a student’s profile that they are interested in, they can invite them to apply (specifically, those students who have verified skill set, which is currently over 80% of users). This means now you, as an HR, can simply click 'Show Matching Candidates" and filter potential interns by domains, computer skills, availability, and more. For example, as an HR you can search “Bangalore-based VTU students, who knows Python and has a 50+ NTAT score, who is available between 1st of June and 31st of July,” and immediately see candidates who fit the bill. Trust us, you won't find another platform that can do that! Second, it offers only "Verified Internships" to students Though internship portals play a vital role in connecting interns with prospective employers, there still exists a huge gap, especially in the transparency factor of the system. Scam recruiters are everywhere and what’s even worse is that they keep getting more creative with their fraudulent techniques. Many employers promise a lot of perks and opportunities to interns but the reality turns out to be far cry from what was being shown. Every internship listed on Switch Idea is a "Verified Internship", meaning it offers a guaranteed: 1. Stipend (5000 INR - 15000 INR) 2. Experience Letter (signed and stamped by the HR) 3. Internship Certificate (signed and stamped by the HR) 4. Program Outcomes Report (POs) - Helps you get college credits Third, Students receive more insights on Switch Idea How many times you applied to an internship and never heard back from the company? To avoid such instances, Switch Idea compels employers to give an RoR (Reason of Rejection) for every declined application. This helps our student community to get real-time insights on how their next approach should be. In addition to this, students get to know "Who Saw Their Profile" (similar to Linkedin Premium). Hope this helps! Actually, there are more useful segments that can be listed out, but it's late here, around 12:20 AM, and I'm super hungry.
@mottled Awesome! Good luck 👍
@adithvictor Thanks again! Pls help us spread the word :)
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@new_user_12307e3584 oh thanks! I was exactly about searching smth like that!