Fast contact exchange app using ultrasonic audio technology

Swishh is the easiest way to connect with people you meet. With the tap of a button, share all your favorite social media profiles + contact info in just a split second 👋⚡️

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Thanks Bram for the hunt! Hi everyone, I’m Fred, one of the makers of Swishh. Our team is stoked to be on Product Hunt today! We've always found contact exchange to be a tedious and outdated process. Swishh aims to improve this experience with a fast and universal contact exchange mobile app that enables its users to share all their social identities with the simple tap of a button. We manage to do this thanks to sound wave technology: it’s the only wireless technology for short distance data transmission that is both fast (1-2 second transmission time) and universal (works with any device equipped with a microphone and speaker). It doesn’t drain your battery and even works offline! How it works: 1) You meet someone you’d like to stay in touch with 2) They tap send, you tap receive 3) You’re connected in a split second We also added a couple other ways to share your info - up for discovery in the app! Hunters: looking forward to your feedback 😊 Android users: we’re only available on iOS at the moment, but please sign up so we can let you know once the Android version is out - http://go.swishh.us/Android
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Awesome product, congratulations!
@nico_lrx thanks for your amazing support ;)
Congrats on the launch guys! I was lucky enough to meet Fred & Zach when I was in SF last, great team and super cool product.
Thanks for the support @dan_fennessy! We wish the best of luck to you and your team at PartyWith.
Congrats on the launch!
What the difference between Swishh and Bump? (
) It's no longer available but it was released about 7 years ago:)
@yuriy_krisarchuk Bump: 1. You need to push devices and only for two devices at once. Bump is no longer supported.
Hey @yuriy_krisarchuk! Good question; we actually used Bump at the time, which relied on a few parameters to match users within its algorithm after a "bump", including GPS location and timestamp of the bump. It's limited to users with internet access (cellular or Wifi), since the data collected had to be sent out to Bump servers for the matching to occur, and the contact exchange to happen. Our technology is based on data transmitted through ultrasonic frequencies, which makes Swishh faster, more reliable, and able to work offline. We've also included many other popular social platforms.