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#5 Product of the DayApril 29, 2016
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Looks good! Any plans to add _proper_ football? ;)
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@_gw thanks! Yes, we plan on eventually adding as many sports as possible.
Hey Product Hunters co-maker of Swish here and thanks to @allnick for hunting us! @alwaysbcoding and I are Super pumped to share Swish with you - a sports highlights platform for fans. I'll be here all day to answer your questions and get feedback. The experience of consuming sports content - outside of television - has barely changed in over 100 years despite sports fans using completely different mediums. Most sports apps are not much different than a newspaper article + boxscore from the early 1900’s glued to your phone screen. The content is for the most part unstructured and not searchable. Imagine if you could interact with sports highlights in the ways you interact with music enabled by platforms like Spotify. With music you can browse the top rated songs by genre and artist, create playlists, easily find a song you are looking for, and share these experiences with other music fans. These interactions don't exist with sports. @alwaysbcoding had the insight that tying content (highlights) to precise sports stats we could build much more engaging and unique experiences than what currently exists today, and we set out to do just that by building Swish. Rather than pitch you on all the features, we'd much rather get your feedback on what we could be doing to make Swish better. We're really passionate about making great products and experiences for sports fans so fire away!
@arilitan hey this looks cool. Curious - why do you have the mixpanel badge at the bottom?
@samchristie thanks Sam, they give you a few hundred k events for free if you put their badge on your website. We're bootstrapped so it helps :)
Things that have never been done in a sports app before that we do in Swish: 1) Algorithmically generated highlight feed of the top sports plays at any given moment. The feed can be filtered by sport. 2) All video highlights are tied to the stats backing the play which lets you see the score of the game, and all players and teams involved. 3) Real-time highlight feeds of individual games, the best way to see the highlights of a game while it’s still in progress. 4) Custom highlight feeds of players, and teams, that can be sorted by popularity. i.e. you can finally answer the query “What were John Wall’s top 100 plays this season” 5) Natural language search for any play that can return a playlist of matches (i.e. searching for “Steph Curry behind the back” would return every behind the back pass from Curry this season) 6) A unique permalink for every play that happens in a sports game that is created in real-time and can be shared/referenced online. 7) A join table between users and sports plays which lets users save their favorite plays More or less Swish is Ari and I trying to show a better data model for sports apps to be built on top of. A lot of UI / UX stuff still needs to be figured out, but I’m positive the way we built our backend is smarter than anything else that’s out there.
I saw @justinkan playing with this on his Snapchat when he was just starting out (before bike Q&A's and Klaus ratings) I thought this looked like a really good idea. Is there filter options to add fav teams and hide ones you dont want to see?
@bentossell thanks - I'm a big fan of @justinkan snapchat dude is hilarious and was awesome to see him play around with Swish! To answer your question, yes we added an option to follow your fav teams and players and track them in a customized feed. This allows you to effectively filter exactly what you care about. We also released a few other cool features, like interactive game summaries - think Soundcloud meets Twitter Moments meets ESPN.
So I met the founder of this company @arilitan months back at my friend's wedding and he showed me the app then. Since then they've improved a bunch of stuff and I thought it was pretty slick especially for those times when you can't watch the entire game. Yes, you can watch a recap on ESPN but this pretty much provides the best interface for scrolling through those not-to-miss moments.
@allnick thanks again for the post and praise! Thats one of our key use cases. Our users tell us if they missed a game on TV, Swish is the best place for them to find a great recap of it but of course we're always looking for ways to make this better.