Get free rewards at local businesses

Get rewarded seamlessly at local businesses and collect points as you spend. The Swipii app utilises card linking technology, meaning it links to your credit or debit card so you will never forget your loyalty card ever again!
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Being someone as a senior UX who has actually worked with a loyalty rewards companies and doing long focus studies of easy ways to link and reward an experience, this is the best way to do so from others like Belly using their app or scanning QR codes, this removes one extra (and somewhat can be a lengthy step).


Brilliant idea for linking rewards!


Don't see any yet, this is far better than others.

Thanks Dylan for your feedback! We really appreciate it!
Hello! Swipii created this product to give small businesses the tools to create a digital loyalty that they can offer their customers in the form of an app. Customers can download the app for free and gain points to redeem against rewards at lots of local businesses. Currently most of our locations are within Glasgow, however we are expanding throughout the UK. We would love to hear your feedback :)