The add+icting math puzzle game!

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#ProductHuntReview: I quickly was sucked into this game trying to challenge friends to beat my score. Great game!
Hello Product Hunt! Thanks for hunting, Seth! The goal in SwipeRight! is to find the math equation on the 3x3 grid. Swipe the numbers from the start of the equation to the end to score a point. The clock is ticking, but every equation you get right adds five seconds to the countdown timer. The puzzles alternate between addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and multiple operations at once! Even though there are extra tiles on the board, there is always only ONE active equation. You earn an ability point for every three equations you swipe correctly in a row. Use ability points to make it easier to find the equation, by either hiding an extra tile, or revealing a tile that is part of the answer. If you have any feedback or questions would be happy to hear from you. Have fun, and good luck! :)
@barthdamon Hey Matt - looks like an awesome little puzzle-game! Any thoughts on an android or Chrome OS release for greater penetration into schools?
@petrev01 Hi Evan! Thanks! Android version is currently in progress - is Chrome OS popular in schools? It would be great to see students enjoying it as a learning tool. My aunt is a math teacher and she loves it, has the top score of 90!
@barthdamon Hey Matt - first off, super appreciate the ultra-quick response! I would love to see this as a learning tool, too. My significant other has taught in Gettysburg, Philly, and DC, and I've definitely seen first-hand how tech can open some kids up. I also volunteer with an after-school tutoring program here as well, Higher Achievement! I can't speak to the national/international school setting, but I know that at least here in DC (and some other major East Coast cities), ChromeOS is definitely the leader from my experience. From what I've seen, it looks like the Chromebooks for Education push from google has been pretty dang successful!
@petrev01 That's awesome, I still remember having a blast playing with Microworlds in school. :) Thanks for sharing Evan - great insight. Would love to hear if the kids you tutor enjoy playing too!
@barthdamon When it starts back up I'll have to let ya know!
Looks so much fun! I'm going to download and start playing. I would love for you to try out our game Coinnect for the iOS. We're launching on the Android next week. http://coinnectapp.net/download