Create unique layouts for the Instagram carousel

Take your social media to the next level with swipeable, panoramic layouts & collages for the Instagram carousel. Swipemix makes creating complex image sequences simple. What used to take a lot of time on bulky desktop software can now be done in just seconds.
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Hi Product Hunters! My name is Roberto and as a designer & photographer, I would always use bulk desktop software to create unique photo sequences for the Instagram carousel. It was a long and tedious process, so I wanted to create an app that simplified it. Born from that idea is Swipemix, and it will take your social media game to the next level, delighting your audience with a new creative way to showcase your images. Swipemix is fantastic as a free experience, and it will make money through in-app purchases for premium templates and tools. There are a ton of new features we are currently working on, and I'm excited to continually update the app for the creative world to use and love.
Just downloaded it. Super intuitive, works fantastically. Any plans to add video?
@joe_perrott Joe - yes! Video will be ready in a soon to come update.
Love this! I've been looking for an easy way to create these type of panoramic collages forever. Great app.
@ronaldmc Glad you enjoy it!
Looks like a museum gallery right on your phone!
@bansini Hah thanks! Yes it is quite the versatile app. It's a unique way to showcase images on the Instagram carousel, but can also be used for Facebook carousel ads, and to break up panoramas into multiple images to swipe through :)
I was just talking with a friend the other day how this is going to become one of the biggest trends in the next year on IG. Templates look fantastic. Can't wait to play with the app more.