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Hello Product Hunters! Instagram now supports 360 in equirectangular view. Just pick up a panorama or 360 photo in Swipeable app, you’ll be able to share the photo with Instagram’s new feature Multiple Photos to make it swipeable. Swipeable is meticulously tailor-made for Instagram users. For so long it hasn’t been easy to share photos captured by panorama apps or 360° cameras on Instagram. A revolution today that a photo can be interactive and able to express a complete picture of your entire adventure or a momentous life event. Swipeable lets you recollect your memories in a swipeable post on Instagram. You can feel like being there again. It makes experiencing Instagram photos never the same. We’d love to hear feedback and answer any questions that you have. Thanks for checking it out. Hope you enjoy the app! Here are articles about Swipeable: https://9to5mac.com/2017/03/22/i... https://techcrunch.com/2017/02/2... Nicole here - the co-founder of Swipeable app.
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@nicole_or great app Nicole! Could you please share some thoughts on your journey to get 9to5 and TC coverage?
@denivipmedia do you have your product looking for media exposure?
Woah, this is cool. I love a good panorama in scenic locations. I usually grab one for my cover photos as the widescreen works well. Google Photos is superb at automatically stitching one together from a few pictures of the same location. It's great that we can now make these more social on a platform such as Instagram.
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@ashtube Thank you for your support! Hope you enjoy swipeable! ❤️
Product concept seems good but the title is pretty misleading :| . Will check it out though.
@singhamardeep I think it is probably a trend for social media supporting 360
@singhamardeep Thank you for your support! Check it out! We'd love to hear your comment! ❤️
@singhamardeep yeh I keep changing it but maker keeps re-changing. Have mentioned it
@bentossell @singhamardeep I didn't know the rule and just changed it once. Will keep our app name as the title. Thanks for the advice. :)
Can we do videos too?
@brownkuns Yup! You can capture 360-video using Spincle app and share on Instagram as well! Get Spincle app: http://apple.co/2owbwYP
It seems every Facebook product support 360 sharing now