Swipeable Panorama for Instagram

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Nicole Or
@nicole_or · CMO of Spincle
Hello Product Hunters! Instagram now supports 360 in equirectangular view. Just pick up a panorama or 360 photo in Swipeable app, you’ll be able to share the photo with Instagram’s new feature Multiple Photos to make it swipeable. Swipeable is meticulously tailor-made for Instagram users. For so long it hasn’t been easy to share photos captured by panora… See more
@theashtube · IT Executive | YouTube Certified
Woah, this is cool. I love a good panorama in scenic locations. I usually grab one for my cover photos as the widescreen works well. Google Photos is superb at automatically stitching one together from a few pictures of the same location. It's great that we can now make these more social on a platform such as Instagram.
Char Char Char
@brownkuns · Writer
Can we do videos too?
Tim Lo
@tim_lo · Spincle
It seems every Facebook product support 360 sharing now
Amardeep Singh
@singhamardeep · Co-Founder, Flo
Product concept seems good but the title is pretty misleading :| . Will check it out though.