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A news reader build upon the principles of simplicity

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Friends, Product Hunt inspired me a lot, it made me start my first app project (besides my jobs app projects). This is an app I was thinking about last christmas. I thought about a fun and convenient way to consume tech news as most publishers have no native app and most m-sites are not very intuitive, have annoying overlays/banner/ux/navigation and it's kind of hard to navigate between a huge list of different sources via bookmarks/pocket. So swipenews was born. Here is a bit background info regarding the production. I saw Kevin WIlliam David posting his tool called BuzzMinder here on Product Hunt and I asked him if he could provide me an endpoint. Thanks to Kevin a lot for supporting me here. I used MS PowerPoint to create the designs of this app as I wasn't used to Sketch or any other design tool at this time. The app code was written by a colleague which I met during my last job. Since then we have gathered around 3,000 downloads and an average engagement of 28 swipes per app open which we like a lot. We have a very constant but low DAU which shows that we were able to change some users behaviour constantly. Even the numbers are quite low we are happy that we influenced some peoples life and their way to consume news. Feature roadmap ideas: Pocket integration, better social integration (share/discuss), add more sources (also outside tech news). I am happy about any thoughts on this. If anyone is interested to support this project actively, please reach out. We would need support on design and development and are happy to share equity of up to 50% for long-term contributors who would like to discuss and execute the vision with me. Enjoy your Saturday, Ben
@bnjmnlbr Hey your app is really practicle ! So fed up going on 15 different places to fetch my tech news. I'd be more than pleased to help and Feedback your product, I have already a few ideas : Hide automatically the articles you have read. Possibility to choose (checkbox) the Medias you want (there are so many). Your design is pretty awesome for a MS Powerpoint design ;) But definately should boost the home up ! Nice work !