Swipe Designs helps you create stunning social media posts with no prior design experience. Just tell the app what you want to post about, and within a few seconds it’ll automagically create a bunch of high quality designs custom-made for you. Pick the one you like most and share it to your social media page.

How it is work?
@debarati_ghosh Swipe Designs is currently available on iOS and you can use it to create social media designs. When you login to the app, you can pick what type of post you want to create (An offer, product launch, or just something to engage your customers). You will be asked to fill up a quick form with the required details and submit. Once you do so, our algorithm will use this information to create your designs. Within a few seconds, you will be presented with around 10-20 designs which you can download or share.
Hey Product Hunt! I’m thrilled to present ‘Swipe Designs’ - an app that will automatically create social media designs for your business. Today, customers increasingly discover businesses on Instagram and Facebook, browse their products, and even make purchases. This makes it absolutely critical for every business to be active on Social Media. While a lot of businesses understand this, we noticed that many don’t have the budget to hire designers. Some of them try to design it themselves using graphic editing tools, but end up spending significant time and effort. We created Swipe Designs to solve these issues. Our algorithm instantly creates stunning designs using the information you give it. All the posts are custom made for your business - you just need to choose the ones you like and share it to your social media page. We also have an API that you can use to automate graphic design creation (not limited to social media). If you’re interested in using our service, please write to me at nithish@triangulate.co. We’d like to provide the Product Hunt community a US $10 gift code that can be used to purchase any of our paid designs. Please use the code “PH10” while you checkout or in the Credits screen to redeem the gift amount. The code is valid until 13th Feb, 2019. I’d love your feedback on our product and any suggestions on how we can improve or do better! Thanks.