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#2 Product of the DayAugust 26, 2015



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HoriaMaker@horiacernusca · CEO at Swipe
Hey everyone! Co-founder of Swipe here, we'd really love your feedback on the new version we just launched! Swipe is the best way to present to anyone, anywhere, on any device and the simplest way to create a beautiful responsive presentations in minutes. It all works in the browser, on your phone, tablet, or computer. We've completely rebuilt the whole app from the ground up. Besides the v2, we're announcing pro plans that include: analytics, secret links, and password protection (it's all about data and control). Secret links are a great way to create multiple unique links to one deck and send to different prospects (or investors), see when they view your deck, where they spent most time, where they dropped off. With analytics we add support for your favorite analytics tools (Google Analytics to begin with) to give you even more powerful tracking tools when you present or share your presentation. You can read more about the pro plans here: https://www.swipe.to/pricing/ Product Hunters get an additional 15% discount for the first year of Pro (on a yearly subscription). Tweet us (@swipe_to) or email us (yo@swipe.to) after you sign up for it and we'll get you on the PH plan. If you ever pitch, teach, run meetings, meetups, or webinars, Swipe will help you do it better. Let us know what you think!
Phillip Yang
Phillip Yang@geekyyang
@horiacernusca Wow, thanks for sharing. Appreciate the discount you provide for PH community members! Sharing is caring!
HoriaMaker@horiacernusca · CEO at Swipe
@geeky_yang thank you Phillip, hope you'll love it!
James Gill
James GillHiring@jamesjgill · CEO, GoSquared
The tech behind Swipe is pretty awesome, and it's truly one of those services that Just Works. It's such a great feeling being able to put together a slide deck in a fraction of the time, using Markdown, and for it to come out looking really slick. Some of the analytics stuff is gonna be huge for keeping an eye on decks you send out to important people (like sales leads / investors) – seems like there's an ever growing list of use cases for presentation software that is NOT Powerpoint / Keynote. Swipe seems to be leading the way on collaborative presentations.
HoriaMaker@horiacernusca · CEO at Swipe
@jamesjgill Thank you so much James! We <3 GoSquared too, keep up the great work
orliesaurus@orliesaurus · Lasers handler
Awesome tool, use it for all my presentations! with a few lines of markdown i get to produce better presentations than anyone in the corporate world will ever have :D <3
HoriaMaker@horiacernusca · CEO at Swipe
Adpreneurs@adpreneurs · Founder of Adpreneurs (Make Shit Happen)
Regretted not using it at Start up weekend, engagement is key to presentations, too many of them make you fall asleep these days. Great to see your Startup weekend turn into a profitable business!
HoriaMaker@horiacernusca · CEO at Swipe
@adpreneurs Thank you so much! It's definitely not all just about pretty slides. Hope to see you do amazing things with it from now on!
Domenico@domenicosolazzo · Domenico
Nice to see Swipe on the frontpage of PH!! Congratulations @horiacernusca 😉