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Good to see an Android first approach, but this could get a little distracting, once I lock my screen I kind of hope to limit my distraction level to a minimal
@acondurache You mean that you want, so there would be no extra information on the lock screen? With Swipe, you really don't read it unless you really want it, so it doesn't become distracting. At least that is my experience for the last 2 months. ;)
Sadly Android only, but I like the idea of my lock screen being a bit more useful.
@riaface Sadly? lol glad some one is trying an Android first approach
@acondurache Sadly for me; I can't use it!
@riaface We wish we could put it on iOS, but there is no possibility to change the lock screen to a custom made one, on iOS devices.
@dmitrievstan Not even if you always play silent background 'music' and then make the album art dynamically change and when you use the 'track controls' the app switches the 'album art' to be the article? Okay, that's a terrible idea (and probably hasn't even worked for a few versions of iOS).
@willimholte A bit missing the idea, sorry. So you mean, when you press to play the next song, the article changes to the album cover picture and the title of the song? Isn't it getting too Complex? What we will do in a later version, is add music controls to the top left part of the lock screen.
Yet another app that's giving me Android envy (also see LokLok). Hey, @abrams! Check this out. Might be a nice enhancement to Nuzzle.
@rrhoover @abrams If Nuzzle can provide the news as RSS, we could have a great Synergy :)
Lockscreen widgets and information make Android more useful.
@normanliang I agree with you, I think if you are an information driven person Android is the way to go. You can consume it that way you like it which is very handy!
coverscreen.com is pretty awesome too.