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Seems like Trello?
@max_lindroos Hey, Max :) Honestly, people often mistake us with Trello. The reason for that is because both tools have a board view. There is one huge difference, though, Swip is built on the Lean methodology and everything we do helps our users and customers leverage Lean and optimize their value stream. So, yes we share similar visualization but only that :)
Swip is a Lean collaboration tool for your teams. The app guides you through every step of the Lean process and deliver insights on how to improve your performance and process.
@erictwillis Eric, thank you for the hunt! My name is Nick and I'm the founder of Swip - A Lean Coach for your Team. Our tool provides you with the guidance and tools you need to run your business Lean. We love to say that while the other tools on the market give the you "playground" we also teach teams "how to play". :) You can ask me anything Swip, Lean, Agile related :)
Simplistic yet powerful! It helps me organize both my personal and team duties. Love it!
@kaloyanyankulov Hey, Kalo! All our team members are huge fans of minimalism. We try to transfer that philosophy to Swip as well :)
Hey there! I am George - Growth Officer of Swip. Wanted to mention/clarify that we are now developing AI Lean coach to help you improve your team performance. It will be able to show you bottlenecks, suggest improvements, draw conclusions for your work and show you relevant analytics. If you have any questions, feel free to comment :)
Trello was just acquired and there's already a competitor