Swing Left

Find nearest swing district & take back the House in '18

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@katesegrin · Community @ Product Hunt
Amazing product, and "bigly" important in these tense political times. Swing Left gained 220k+ users in a week and the New Yorker wrote a piece about it here: http://www.newyorker.com/culture...
Shlomo Fellig
@shlomofellig · Founder, Outgrow.me
Not only is this website incredibly important, the design is beautiful and intuitive. Congrats and thank you.
Kyle Pierce
This is awesome! What would make it more awesome is if they did state legislator offices for 2018. The democrats need to take over state legislators to remove/prevent the gerrymandering for 2020 census. If they dont win back seats in the states the house will always be outside of their control. Even if some seats are flipped in 2018 and 2020 that could all b… See more
Bryna Corcoran
@brynatweets · VP, Digital Marketing
I shared this with a group of friends, and someone called out that it might be a fake site? I feel differently, but they are referencing this shady article: http://www.dailykos.com/story/20.... I'd love to send them something to counter it as I believe this idea of flipping districts (per the teachings of our man Bernie Sanders) is the only way we're going… See more
Bryan Postelnek
@bryanpostelnek · Product Owner, Angie's List
Great product -- very visually appealing, as well. Also, just found out my district is a Swing district! I wonder what the "Stay Right" response to this website will look like... :thinking emoji: