Swing a Swing State

Quick, daily actions to help Hillary get elected

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This subtitle is trash. No one will use this. Google "podesta emails." Trump 2016. Save America.
I'm not supporting either candidate for President, but can we please stop letting these dumb "products" on ProductHunt? This is political nonsense. If there is an actual product that is unique, fine, but not trash like this.
@lukedeannif I understand if you don't want to support Hillary or Trump for President, but that doesn't mean these products shouldn't go on Product Hunt. PH is a platform to share all kinds of products, from Google's Pixel to Ship Your Enemies Glitter. There's a lot we can learn from the HFA apps even if you don't support Hillary.
@lukedeannif Couldn't agree more.
@lukedeannif Seriously. I understand what Jason Shen says and I somewhat agree - however - when it's clearly just a flurry of overtly biased, outright "VOTE HILLARY OR ELSE"/"TRUMP=HITLER" type sites that just so conveniently happen to show up less than 3 weeks before election day, during the height of the election season normally (not to mention the INSANE new heights its been taken to with the ridiculous scandals coming out through Wikileaks and other sources) these are exactly the type of listings on PH that shouldn't be here. ProductHunt doesn't automatically display any site - if it did, there would certainly be a much bigger section of this site that was political in nature, as well as a lot of other sites/"projects" etc. that are openly biased/opinionated towards one thing over another. In fact there would be such a large amount of these sites, the ones that are obviously not attempting to offer anything to people other than their opinion, which is forced upon you to the extent that the alternative(s) to whatever the listed page/product/service is supporting/offering/advertising on behalf of is belittled or made out to be something evil/dangerous/toxic. Basically a long-winded way of saying, this is the last place I'd ever hope to see get politicized. Given the fact that the wikileaks releases (specifically the DNC leaks and the increasingly scandal-plagued Podesta email leaks) show the disgusting, criminal levels of collusion between various people, at all levels of the government, with the media - including censorship, outright lies with smear attacks and false victims, inciting violence with false protestors and war crimes being admitted to. This isn't even scratching the surface, there's rape coverups, murders being alluded to, casual conversation of globalist conspiracies to engage in militaristic coups for regime change, and....you get the point. I mean, we are literally at the point where they are openly provoking Russia and mentioning war with Russia. I for one don't want to die in a nuclear holocaust. It's no lie that Hillary's campaign is in huge trouble right now, if she manages to stay in the race through until election day I'd be surprised. She has no defense whatsoever on any of these things that she's done. The media is in her pocket and they are doing everything they can to suppress anyone who has an opinion that doesn't align with their own. That is not okay, that is not what America is supposed to stand for. They have a massive problem among men, and a massive problem among millennials - which I'd put money on, without knowing the analytics, as being the top two types of visitors to this site - which makes these types of "apps" or sites showing up now all the more suspicious and unwanted/annoying to people. They're making last-ditch efforts to try and court millennial voters and men, which, incidentally, is in itself emblematic of the whole problem with Hillary and her campaign, summed up in that little plan...she has no identity whatsoever, no believability or trustworthiness with the public, and you'd think, at the very least, whatever ad company/development studio they likely paid a ton of donor cash to create these pages would've done them the decency of mentioning that the audience at a site like PH is also among the most likely of audiences online to be independently educated and not reliant on mainstream media. Meaning, we're the most likely to have already been witness to the wikileaks scandals and made up our minds politically already - or aren't dumb enough to believe any of the lies spewed on the airwaves by the MSM 24/7 non-stop. So, it's not going to work anyway. BTW, not that it matters, but I'm not for Trump or Hillary. I think Hillary is far more dangerous than Trump is, considering she's already openly communicated her desire to go to war with Russia, Iran, Syria, among others - and I'm about as anti-war as you can get. I think Trump is an idiot, but I think that he's genuinely someone who cares about this country, whereas Hillary is an elitist tool of these huge banks and multinational corporations that control her. If it were up to me, Bernie wouldn't have had the primary election stolen from him through all of the fraud and rigging of the elections (and yes, it was stolen from him, DNC lawyers have admitted this in court) and he would be the candidate right now. As it stands, I don't think I'll be voting, I'm in CA and it wouldn't make a difference anyway. Might vote for Jill Stein so the Green party can reach 5% and gain federal funding/national recognition.
The Hillary For America team has been busy! I thought this Chrome extension was a clever way to take casual Hillary supporters and encourages them to get to work in swaying undecided votes in key swing states. We all know that the election comes down to these key states like Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Florida which are not solidly red or blue states. There's a new page every day that shows up when you create a new tab which provides quick, daily actions you can take to help support her campaign.