The Airbnb for swimming pools

#5 Product of the DayAugust 24, 2018

SWIMPLY is a marketplace for pool owners to share their pool by the hour to those nearby who don't own one.

With Swimply, anyone can enjoy the luxury of a private pool while allowing pool owners to earn back their investment and even make a profit.

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Best idea since AirBnB. Hope is makes it to my state.
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@tostartafire Thanks man, Leave us a note on our site and we will hit you up as soon as we are.
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beyond obvious sanitary concerns touched on above, how do you handle legal exposure for potential drownings?
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Hey @passingnotes, Solid one. At the moment, our team takes 24 hours to review the application of every pool and have a pretty intense review system that keeps our pools in tip top shape. We also have a double barrier waiver that all our users sign before any activity begins. Swimply is currently in the final stages of finalizing a partnership with an insurance company that will be providing an optional pool-sharing insurance coverage for hosts starting the march. The insurance will be complimentary for all hosts on the site at the time, but any new hosts after the announced date would simply be required to pay a bit higher of a commission to swimply.
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Fantastic idea, love it. Any plans to expand outside of the US in the future?
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@liammckay One country at a time my friend. But we are planning some preliminary testing in Australia.
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@liammckay @bunim_laskin I'd love to get more info on this!
Interesting idea, but it should be strictly regulated including sanitary norms.
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Such a cool idea - sharing is caring.
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