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I like using Swim as my backchannel for chatting about today's tech news.
Swim is a fun new way to chat with your friends. It's smart group texting. You aren't notified about every single message, only the ones that mention you -- so there is less noise.
Hi @narekk thanks for posting! I'm the Co-founder of Swim along with @ninjudd. We created Swim to create a great place for communities to have conversations. We feel that Facebook's broadcast model is too impersonal and group chat is too noisy and lacks the flexibility of our real life groups. With Swim we've tried to combine the best of both worlds to create a fun, comfortable place to have conversations with your real life social circles. I'm happy to answer any questions anyone has and I'm looking forward to the comments.
@ninjudd @tutak Happy to share it, Noah! As a designer I want to just say that I'm pleasantly surprised by the elegance of the UI. You guys clearly spent time on aesthetics. How much user feedback went into the current product?
Thanks @narekk! We're certainly very user-focused in our design. We had a private beta with a lot of users that gave us great feedback and we spend as much time with users as possible watching them actually use the app.
People can get confused and not know that Peek is another tab
@mightyalex we totally agree! We actually got hunted in the middle of a redesign. The next version of Swim, which is currently in testing, is much more focused around channels. We've actually removed the Talk and Peek feeds and moved to a much simpler user experience that we think is more clear and also more useful.