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News podcasts curated and personalized just for you

You are busy and we get it! We've made it our mission to make it easier to stay informed!

At 8:00AM everyday, our smart curation algorithm, Jedi, and human curators send the day’s top news podcasts straight to your home-screen. You can listen to them as you get ready for your day, commute, etc.

Experience news as much more than headlines.

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Aaron O'Leary
Community @producthunt. Chef.
Cool! I like the idea of curated news podcasts better than articles, when rushing out the door, I can still know what I need to know for the day! 🤓
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Shaun Simba 🦁 Mataire
Founder at Tapeble
Thanks @aaronoleary ! That’s precisely why we set out to build Swig. I hope Swig will make it a bit easier for you to stay informed
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