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Sebastian here, founder & CEO at SwiftyBeaver. I am super excited to announce that our unique logging platform for Swift is now out of private beta and available to everyone. Finally every Swift developer can conveniently log during development & release. The platform consists of: 1. our popular Logging Framework for Swift 2 & 3 with nearly 1500 ⭐️ on Github 2. our Crypto Cloud service to securely send logs from your users’ devices (end-to-end encrypted) 3. our native Mac App to monitor, browse, search and filter your logs USPs are: - Focus on Apple's great new language Swift, including Swift 3 & server-side Swift (Objective-C, Python & PHP are supported, too) - End-to-end encryption of all log and user data - Full ownership of data; all user & logging data is downloaded and can be easily mined via SQLite - Mac App to consume the logs with zero latency search and native experience - Logging during development AND release without the need to "change wheels" in between - Automatic gathering of analytics data like how often did a user open the app, ... The private beta had 1,100+ Swift developers which all liked or loved what they saw which makes the team and me very positive about today’s release. You can also read the official announcement at our Medium blog at http://bit.ly/2a5lKWY Thanks & I am here all day for your feedback 🎉
This is fantastic. Why have I not heard of this before now?! Is the plan to keep this focused on iOS development, or do you have plans to roll out to other languages (excl. Python & PHP)?
@adamfarah Thanks for the praise! Our main focus is on Swift but we already have frameworks or wrappers for Objective-C, Python & PHP and users who log from the server to SwiftyBeaver. Our API is well-documented and it should be easy to send your logs from whatever language to the platform to consume it in the Mac App. You can join our Slack channel https://slack.swiftybeaver.com to discuss details and to meet the contributors and our fellow users. The API docs are at http://docs.swiftybeaver.com/cat...
Hi Seb, 'End to end encryption' is a good idea, I like it very much. But If the private key / public key are not generated by my own device, you can still read everything on your server with the private key, and my data is not technical 'SAFE'. SwiftyBeaver.app should generate public / private keys but the server, and we could upload Custom Public Key in the app. If you really consider 'End to End Encryption' as a feature, You should talk about the encryption methods behind SwiftyBeaver.app like 1Password.app does. I'm using Xamarin (C#) to develop an iOS App. Limiting a Logging Platform for Swift only is not a good idea. But I like the idea of native app as logging service and End to End encryption. Wish you all my best. Cheers.
@remaerd Sean, thank you for your remarks! SwiftyBeaver is not limited to Swift and already supports many other programming languages. Xamarin would be a logical next language and thanks for pointing me on it! Our end-to-end encryption works differently as you describe. The private key is just stored in your app (= in your own source code) and is not sent to the server. Our logging framework is open source and all sending logic between framework on your client device and the servers is visible there. Security is an important aspect and the contributors and I worked with experts like Marcin from CryptoSwift, the standard framework for cryptography for Swift. He actually contributed that whole feature to make sure that all is green :)
@skreutzb I thought SwiftyBeaver.app generates asymmetric keys with OpenSSL locally on my device. So we store the public key in our app source code and SwiftyBeaver.app stores the private key locally. If someone reverse engineered my app and get my public key, I can keep my private key safe and no one read my data. I still have doubts about the design of encryption after reading http://docs.swiftybeaver.com/art.... Is it using RSA to generate keys? What is an encryption key (Private / Public or symmetric key)? Is it possible to share analytic data with team? I tried CryptoSwift and I trust SwiftyBeaver is on good hand. Looking forward to future developments. Cheers.
Anyone else read this as Sweaty Beaver?