Learn to code in Swift on iPhone & iPad

#2 Product of the WeekMarch 18, 2015
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Wow, my app on Producthunt. Just awesome! If you have any questions, feel free to ask. :)
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It looks solid. Includes 200+ interactive lectures. Would probably make for a nice web app too.
@robjama yes! that's something i have in mind. i have it on my (very long) todo list ;)
@robjama @triplej_b — Let me know if you need any help. :-)
Swifty is a great resource for brushing up on Swift whenever you have a few minutes. The UX and code explanations are 👍++.
@triplej_b No problem! What are your future plans and what's coming next for Swifty?
@thomasmeagher more advanced lectures about topics like closures etc. :)
The idea that you can learn Swift from the ground up with this is mind-boggling. May be unrelated, but do you recommend learning Swift first or Obj-C for the sake of the foundation? I assume a lot of old-code is in Obj-C but for the sake of using Apple's new technology and kicking off new apps, I'm questioning which is the better route. One of my goals is to learn iOS dev. this year, so I'm currently contemplating and seriously undecided on the code-front.
@imcatnoone It seems like this will teach you the general nuances of Swift, which is great if this is your first time programming, or first time programming in Swift. For building an app, you will be using iOS libraries which are just recipes for common things like creating a list of items, doing an animation, moving from screen to screen. If your goal is to learn iOS dev I think one of the best ways is to have an app in mind, break it down to a single function/use case and build that. @Codepath we start by teaching designers how to use storyboard to make invision like prototypes. Then we add states/delays, then animations/gestures. In the last weeks we talk about apis/data. We never go over learning swift, we just teach what you need along the way using things like variables, numbers (floats) vs strings, and arrays/dictionaries. Treehouse also has good build an app from scratch tutorials. Even if you do one of those, building your own from the ground up is probably when the light switch will come on
@anderson760 I would go with Swift instead of Obj-C. In Swifty you will learn Swift and only Swift at the moment. (Probably this will change in the future.)
@Codepath @anderson760 This makes a lot of sense, Joe. Definitely going to check out both.