Launch apps, or features within apps with different patterns

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Hello, Thanks for the hunt Bojan. We've created SwiftTapp to increase productivity even further. We all have favorite apps that we use everyday and SwiftTapp not only takes us to the apps, but also within our most used features. Here is a video of what the app does and can do for the users:
Seems interesting. Why do I need to provide email up front?
@andym_dc Thanks for asking. Email is required for the basic yet limited product/marketing communication purpose. Rest assured you'll stay logged on to your account so no need to provide credentials all the time.
I’m confused about the benefits over LaunchCenter, Workflow, etc.
@trulyadamant Thanks for asking. Besides UX/UI, SwiftTapp is different in a way that it provides the patterned lock screen to launch apps or intents within apps. It also provides the flexibility for the user to customize/edit/delete those patterns.