The first AI powered mobile application for swimming

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I used to swim for Wales, so this is something I can relate to. A few things: I wouldn't want to wear my phone on my arm while swimming. It's too bulky, effects your stroke, streamlining, weight distribution etc. I've no doubt it would move around too which would be annoying as you'd have to keep re-adjusting it. The metrics mentioned are already easily captured without having to strap your phone to your arm. Total number of 'laps' swam - if you are training properly you're likely to know this anyway. It's second nature. You know what sets you are doing. Total number of laps swam per style - as above Distance swam - again, as above. Calories burned - heart rate monitor does this Average speed - you often train against the clock, and knowing your distance so again its easy to figure out. Maybe my opinion is a bit different as the level I was competing at was very high (I have friends in the Olympics) - but that is what I'm basing it on. People training multiple times a week (or day) who are swimming for their city, county or country most likely wouldn't strap their phone to their arm this way. Some sort of fitbit-type device that connects to an app on your phone would be a better approach There is definitely value in recording your training sessions as we had to keep a physical log book. But I just don't think this is the right approach to solve that.
@bentossell couldn't agree more. i was a competitive swimmer for 8+ years and don't think this product offers much different than what is already out there...wearing a phone on your arm is a serious concern. Because swimming is a resistance sport, wearing a bulky item like that could disrupt balance in the long run. It's not ideal. A watch or even better, a pair of goggles is a better solution. overall, i think there aren't a ton of great products out there for competitive swimmers, they all seemed to be targeted toward more recreational swimmers. best i've seen so far is Instabeat which allows you to track your heart rate in real time. it'd be nice to be able to track metrics on specific sets and intervals rather than just overall pace and distance swam...my two cents.
A new and variant idea which can be helpful for many and i will surely try it .