SwiftScales Vocal Trainer

Train your voice with your own virtual vocal coach

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Chris Chace
Chris Chace@chacechris
Hey Producthunt! My name's Christian Savalas, and I'm the developer of SwiftScales. There are several in-depth tutorials for the app up on http://youtube.com/swiftscales, and a software update with some pretty exciting features is just around the corner. Hope you enjoy!
Wojtek Nosowski
Wojtek Nosowski@outhipped · creative director
Very useful app but the design and UI reminds me of the movie "Hackers".
Christian Savalas
Christian SavalasMaker@csavalas · Owner, VELDEN LLC
Kelly Kuhn-Wallace
Kelly Kuhn-Wallace@kkdub · 🎯Strategist for Hire
Super app -- already identified a few scales where I'm crazy flat at the top. The type is hard to read when you're standing to sing. The style of the UI appeals to my tech sensibilities, but my music teacher peeps were put off to the point they were sure this wasn't a real app.
Chris Chace
Chris Chace@chacechris
@kkdub Thank you so much Kelly, glad you're enjoying it. The app was intentionally designed so that you would never have to look at the screen while singing. That being said, I wonder if the techie style font is what's throwing off your music teacher friends. We certainly don't want that! The app is by far the most fully featured and customizable vocal training/warm up app, but every effort was made to make all that power as accessible and intuitive as possible. I'm releasing a major update soon with, among others, the added feature of being able to share your custom scales and routines with other users on the SwiftScales cloud. This will be specially useful for vocal coaches. If you have any requests or suggestions for the new version, email me at info at swiftscales dot com. I'd love to hear them!