Swiftkey Symbol

Symbol-based assistive communication

Compelling. For people with autism and communication trouble.
@ourielohayon hey. I'd suggest improving the sub title. It's not compelling enough. Especially compared to what you just wrote here which is very interesting.
@stefamini i had this thought exactly. but hard to grasp. any idea? [also i don t think PH allows to edit the subtitle)
@ourielohayon Hello Ouriel this is a really great idea and is definitely will come in handy for children with autism. Communicating help them reduce their frustrations and thus their tantrums and other behavioral problems. Are you planning to come out with IPhone/IPad? Can you custom the app in addition to your own pictures add your own language? Thanks for your great work
I like what you wrote in the original comment. Switch it around to this "Help people with autism Communicate better" - and don't know if it can edited. You can always try.
Now to get this on my daughter's Nabi! She has communication difficulties, and up to now we've had to use a specialized set. This is VERY helpful. Just have to convince her speech therapist that you don't have to use the proprietary software out there!