Premium set of high quality icons in three editable styles.

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Premium set of 1456 high quality icons, capable of covering 15 wide categories in three editable styles: outlined, filled & colored.
Beautiful set!
These are great. I do wish the Scientist was gender neutral. Perhaps there's also a female scientist?
@joelle_writes hey, didn't thought of that :) Thanks for your suggestion, will definitely insert some at the next update.
Huge work! Congrats! Thanks for the code @idariusdan but is it normal that the price is 98$ first and when I click it turns to 117$ something?
@tcailhol Yes, the added tax is VAT tax. That means that you are a EU customer and this are the laws for now. Very complicated for we, the products creators too.
@idariusdan I bet! Thanks for the explanation!
Wow, awesome! @elkefleing, you can definitely find free icons out there, but not many this comprehensive. $98 + a 20% PH discount is pretty good considering the amount of time a set like this would take to design.