SwiftHue for iOS

Easily control your Hue lights, widget included

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Here's a bit more information about SwiftHue: Edward Poot and Me (Hidde van der Ploeg) created this app about a month ago and submitted it to the App Store. We got rejected a couple of time because we didn't provide an video on how the extension and app worked (they couldn't test it because the don't have Hue lights). Even when we provided the video they still rejected us with the same reason.. And now, about 3 weeks later they somehow approved it out of the blue…10 minutes after we complained about it and without having to re-submit the app. Too bad we're not the first Hue Widget anymore tho.. SwiftHue is really easy to set up; connect to bridge, add the widget to your notification center and your good to go! If you want to change the color of your lights you can easily change it from the settings screen. The speed is our key feature here.