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Hey Product Hunters! I'm Kirill Chliaifchtein, founder of SwiftGift. The team and I are incredibly excited to have been hunted today! To coincide with the release of Star Wars: Rogue One, we have even added a dedicated Star Wars shopping category! We're available all day to answer any questions you have and listen to your feedback. We hope you will find that the Force is strong with this one :) In the meantime, let me tell you what we have built and improved upon regarding SwiftGift for iMessage and our other SwiftGift Apps: SwiftGift for iMessage This is a real revolution both for iMessage Apps, and Gifting in general. The SwiftGift IM App was released as one of the launch partners for Apple’s iOS 10 release this September. We worked closely, day-and-night, with Apple’s own team to craft the first shopping IM App. The App allows you to send amazing real gifts right inside an iMessage chat - as easily as you would send a sticker or an emoji. The Recipient then provides a delivery address and ta-da - your gift is sent! We like to think of it as a physical manifestation of an emotion. Sure you could send a heart emoji - but isn’t it more meaningful to send them a real Star Wars Death Star Lamp instead?! Now let me tell you a few things about SwiftGift app in general - One of the fastest growing gifting Apps (10% growth per week) - Live in the USA (and UK) - Recently launched on Android - Much loved, and frequently featured by Apple in their App store - Top of many Gifting Apps charts - Supports Apple Pay Recent New Features - "Gift Recommendations”: Not content with just hand-picking the entire SwiftGift store, we have gone one step further and built a gift recommendation engine to cherry-pick exactly the gift that your recipients may love. The algorithm is still in it’s infancy, but we are constantly improving! - “Magic Links”: Now gifts can be shared as a link across any communications channel, not just sent via SMS - “Christmas Secret Gift”: Allows a sender to hide what the gift actually is - the Recipient must wait in anticipation until the gift physically arrives at their door! We really hope you like what we have built. We promise here and now that we will keep working hard to add awesome features and keep improving for you. We would love to hear your comments and feedback :)
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@kirillcee Keep up the great work!
@martdebska thank you. We will keep listening to feedback and improving! :)
The founder Kirill and his SwiftGift team are simply awesome! I plan to have them on my podcast soon to talk about the inspiring journey behind this thoughtful service. Bringing physical thank you's to the digital world is much needed. Now it's simply a few clicks in iMessage. None of us have any excuses for those special people in our lives!
@paul_s_kemp Thanks so much! Gifting is all about sharing, so we are excited to come on your show and to share! :)
Such a brilliant app! All my Christmas gift shopping is sorted in seconds with SwiftGift. And the best thing is, I don't need to leave my house and go to crowded shopping centres. Furthermore, even though I am out of UK for Christmas this year, thanks to SwiftGift, all my friends will receive their gifts on time :)
Very easy and straightforward App! I can just sit on my sofa and do all of my Christmas shopping without travelling and standing in the queues in the malls! Loving it! :)
SwiftGift allows you to send real world gifts to people you know digitally. This iMessage app solves a problem for me: I love sending a small thank-you gift when I get press—but asking a reporter/blogger for a physical address is awkward AF! This app will allow me to discreetly send my little thank you notes. It should also be noted that with this latest update, SwiftGift is also compatible with Tinder, all y’all desperate singles out there! :P
@kikischirr Thanks so much! So glad that SwiftGift has been a help for you. We promise to keep innovating and improving, for you and all of our users! :)