The world's first instant gift messenger for iOS

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Getting a great gift requires a lot of time and effort. There are traditional frictions such as finding the perfect gift, actually purchasing it, getting it wrapped, buying a card… And there are the less obvious problems: such as "how do I actually now get the gift to my Recipient” (the answer is usually to go see them in person). We've built SwiftGift to remove all these frictions and to revolutionize the gifting process. SwiftGift is the world's first Instant Gift Messenger. It allows a user to send physical gifts to anyone in their phone’s contact book with just a few clicks, and without the need for an address!
Hi Kirill, This is a great idea put together very nicely. Congratulations and looking forward to seeing how this does. Which countries are you currently operating in? I'll spread the word to a few friends in the UK for sure!!
@benjameslambert thanks for your feedback! Currently we are only live in the UK (available for download in the UK App Store), but expansion to both Android and to additional countries is in the pipeline.
I just fucking love this!
@malcolmbell thank you for your feedback! We love that you love it!
I actually got a box of chocolates from a friend last night thru this app, not only did the box was a surprise but the experience with the service was as well, wished the app was made available outside of UK App Store though, specially for expats that happen to be on the US store still :) - congrats on the launch!
@samiq so glad to hear that you enjoyed your experience with our app! Geographic expansion is one of our top priorities - we will get there soon. Promise!
UK only, it seems.
@shawngreenpm Unfortunately for now we are UK only, though we have plans for expansion in the near future!