Swift ToolBox

Community-supported catalog of Swift libraries for iOS & OSX

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Love that this doesn't have curated in its name.
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@thomasmeagher Haha we took the name from Ruby Toolbox
@thomasmeagher One of few words I want to see expunged - "curated" and "passionate".
@thomasmeagher No trigger warning? ;-)
There is also nice collection of different frameworks and libraries for iOS https://github.com/vsouza/awesom...
@karulin thx for posting :)
This is really cool! I wish I had this a month ago when I was working on my app. Surely going to be super helpful for my upcoming projects! One request though. Can you make the tags clickable? This would make the discovery much more easier. :)
@aditgupta Will make them clickable for ya!
Nice! really useful!
this looks cool