Swift Devs

A community for developers and students of Swift

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It's inevitable that a strong community will start to grow around Swift. This site seems to be sort of like Reddit meets Stackoverflow for anyone looking to teach and learn more of the language. And it seems friendly for people at any proficiency. I don't have any affiliation with the site but I figured it is interesting enough to share with PH.
The focus on Swift (a specific niche) is smart but there are already so many engineering-focused communities like Stack Exchange that serve this market. The PH-like dayparting doesn't really make sense for tutorials, imo. Tutorials are somewhat evergreen (or at least have a much longer life than media content or product launches). People want the best tutorial, not the newest. There are also too few tutorials to justify splitting it up by day as the default view.
@rrhoover yeah, it should just be a list of things. The voting is pretty useless as a design mechanism