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Hey guys, developer here :) Thank you PH for featuring swifty bar. Just to mention that this plugin is completely free, it does not have premium version nor donate button, its my small contribution to WP community. Swifty bar Is simple/fast/light/ but powerful responsive bar that sticks to your footer on single posts to show article title, article author, number of comments, read progress bar, time to read and most importantly share buttons + some good looking prev/next post links. The best feature is that its super light, just 44kb in size, one js, one css and custom font that includes icons, no additional queries nor queries to the social networks so it will NOT slow down your site. We had around 200downloads during first 2 days and lots of good feedback. I plan to support it, and include some nice features in future updates but it will always remain fast, as that was the goal. Let me know if you have comments, questions or feature request. I am all ears :) For fellow WordPress developers added it to the github: https://github.com/goranefbl/swi... .I used Tomm's boilerplate + Settings API.
@frenkix After testings carried on my test site I can confirm that this plugin indeed isn't slowing down the site. Also, it looks very "sexy", packaged with functionalities existing in other plugins, only that Swifty Bar is replacing several plugins. I would suggest adding the possibility to place Swifty Bar at the top of the screen as well as on sides and not only at the bottom of the screen. Also, I think it would be useful to add an option for sharing pages and not only posts. ​ I am very curious to see the development of Swifty as I see a lot of potential in it, hoping it will stay fast as it is today.
@frenkix I really like it ! How difficult will it be to customize it and add "follow blog email form" to the bar?
@alex_flom @frenkix Hey Alex, not much difficult, i used Tomm's boilerplate for it. Everything is commented out, and you would need to change 1 file where you would add your html code and add correct styling for it in style file. You can check the code in github: https://github.com/goranefbl/swi...
Great plugin. Would be nice to customize a primary color in the settings. :)
@dshan You can expect it soon :)
This looks very handy. Is it only available as a Wordpress plugin?
@alirtariq hey Ali, yes for now, but i could create jquery version on github if there are people interested in.