The perfect wallet to access your money with a quick swipe



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Jalil RajaMaker@jalil · Co Founder - Vinco Life
Hey Hunters, We made the Swift Wallet. It was based on our previous design, the Vinco Wallet, which was so minimal it was basically a card holder. We designed this wallet to bring about a new kind of wallet. Too many wallets are either small pouches, like our old wallet, where you have to fold you notes or overly bulky traditional wallets where everything gets lost inside them. With this new type of wallet, we're bringing about a change in the way people see their wallets. They're no longer a nuisance that gives you back pain, they're a slim, modern piece that has more utility than their old wallet ever did. The Swift lets them get to their items as fast as possible and in the most graceful way. You can see all your notes, you can pick the exact card you want and never stop at contactless terminals with the outer unshielded pocket. The best thing about the wallet is that it looks amazing, let us know what you think in the comments. We’ll be here all day to take questions! Cheers, Jalil @ Vincoe
Andrew Moroz@frostaloha · Aloha Mobile
Playing Pokemon GO with this one is the next level of spending money on games. Looks great, though. What is the size of it?
Jalil RajaMaker@jalil · Co Founder - Vinco Life
@frostaloha could you clarify what you meant? 😅 (btw I love your browser! 😁) and it's 4" x 3.5" when open
Andrew Moroz@frostaloha · Aloha Mobile
@jalil Put a stack of dollar bills in the wallet, go to a strip club, and you can swipe in the middle like you're playing pokemon go!
Shauli Daon@shauli_daon · Founder at Yoman.io
Certainly looks amazing!
Ibbe RajaMaker@ibberaja · Co-Founder & CEO, Vincoe
Danny Florian@dnyflorian · Entrepreneur | UX Designer
Awesome! This is great UX on a non-digital product!
Jalil RajaMaker@jalil · Co Founder - Vinco Life
@dnyflorian thanks Danny, we tried our best to make it something new and cool!
Veer Obhan@turboxide_ · High School Computer Science Student
I love it, except the two mismatched colors don't look good imo, will there be any options in the future since the kikstarter has reached its goal?
Jalil RajaMaker@jalil · Co Founder - Vinco Life
@turboxide_ we thought the contrast gave it a unique design against the backdrop boring of one-tone wallets. We've also got another set of Blue and Purple in a new Crazy Horse Leather and more should be coming out shortly.
Jalil RajaMaker@jalil · Co Founder - Vinco Life
@turboxide_ are there any colour combinations that you'd prefer?