Swift is the modern language of choice due to its simplicity and syntax. When creating modern apps, much of the theory inherent to algorithms is often overlooked. This book takes a new approach to explaining concepts that power search engines, social networks and database systems. Learn how to write solutions for standard systems and mobile apps.

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I am pleased to announce the availability of Swift Algorithms & Data Structures for Swift 4.2! Now in its 4th edition, the new book includes new essays, more code and extended content. This update to Swift 4.2 has provided an opportunity to refine many areas presented in the book. As a result, many algorithms have been revised to meet this new standard. An overall effort has also been made to improve code interoperability and provide more support for optionals, generics, protocols and other Swift API Design Guidelines. Notable additions include: New introductory content on learning computer science Revised content on Big O Notation Revised content on Traversals Revised content on Swift Generics New content related to Blockchain Design New content related to Machine Learning New Objective-C Primer