Swelly 3.0

A social voting app fully integrated in Messenger 🐳

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Swelly is the the first app fully integrated in Facebook Messenger with all it's features. Swelly 3.0 is now officially a Social Network that sits on top of excisting networks! One step closer to our vision of empowering people to make better decisions by getting fast feedback. Read more in my blog: http://www.swl.wtf/blog
@peterbuch *existing ** I LOVE the app and service!! :D
I needed feedback between 2 designs I was working on over the weekend, so I randomly submitted them to Swelly. In under 3 hours, I got many responses. This is one of my favorite bots!
@larry_lawal that's a great usecase for swelly. Thanks for sharing your experience! Let me know if you have any questions!
Congrats @peter, I've been following your success :)
Besides a great concept (help to decide) Swelly is pioneering the bots space. Fantastic work guys!