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Impressive how fast the Swell team produced their bot for Facebook Messenger and now just a few days later it is already available on Kik as well. 🐳🤖
@__tosh #magic The development speed comes from our open-sourced "universal-bot-framework" we built. (https://bitbucket.org/phips28/un...) Just ask if you have any questions about our #magic techstack.
@phips28 @__tosh ah awesome! i'm gonna have to check that out
Hi all! I'm co-founder in CEO at Swell and I'm excited to launch our 2nd bot today. Looking forward to your feedback and happy to answer your questions all day long! After 5500 people signed up within 1 week of testing our bot Swell is now live for Kik messenger! 🚀🚀🚀 As a bot, Swell let's you help people decide while exploring cool stuff & trending topics such as latest fashion, beauty, travel & food pictures!
As one of the first testers I admit that the UX is very clear & fun to use. Cool stuff! 🐳🤖