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Hi Guys! I'm the CEO & Founder at Swell. We created Swell as native apps and messenger bots to provide the fastest way of asking questions and getting opinions by friends! Let me know if you have any questions! Have a Swell day!
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During the day there are countless of decisions to be made. Like what to wear (👕 or 👔), what to eat (🍕 or 🍔), what to drink (☕️ or 🍵), what to buy (🎮 or 📔), where to go (🎬 or 🎪), or simply what to do (🏊 or 🏀). Swell is a fun app that gives you 100s of opinions from friends and strangers within in a few seconds. A natural fit for platforms like Facebook Messenger.
@__tosh A little bit of context would help, i.e. what does this bot actually DO? :) I figured out that it is.. - NOT possible to vote - NOT possible to start a voting So its basically just pushing me to download the App, which I believed Messenger bots try to make obsolete. Sorry, I'm having a bad day ;)
@_subnet @__tosh Finally, somebody standing up against the bot uprising! I, for one, do NOT welcome our new chat bot overlords!
@catearcher @__tosh haha, I'm neither for/against bots / conversational UI, I'm just waiting for the first implementation/usecase that actually makes sense :)
@_subnet this is how voting in Swelly looks like for me
@__tosh interesting, I'm missing the A/Skip/B buttons :(
Amazing idea and great branding - Viel Erfolg Leute!
@julian_praest thank you Sir! Have a Swell Day :)
Wishbone or the Google-acquired Polar are good examples of app versions of this concept. Definitely popular with younger people; should have launched on Kik!
@chrismessina Chris! Actually we do have an App, our community shared 65 Million opinions (votes) since our launch in September and our approach is to provide the fastest way of sharing and receiving opinions. That's why we created bots. Testing our Kik bot right now, launch date next week!! :)
Tested it. There's already a couple of "swelly" bots. So you might want to look into that. Won't help discovery. I personally do not like the name, I immediately thought of smelly. Given your description here I never thought my first vote would be to choose between two plates of fruit which was arranged to look like a boat or something. Not something I'd use, but this is just my opinion. Best of luck with it
@loudijk thanks for your feedback. The content here comes from users and the feed show's best performing swells first. So sorry for your first impression. Give it one more try and let me know if there's anything I can help you with! Have a Swell day!