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During the day there are countless of decisions to be made. Like what to wear (👕 or 👔), what to eat (🍕 or 🍔), what to drink (☕️ or 🍵), what to buy (🎮 or 📔), where to go (🎬 or 🎪), or simply what to do (🏊 or 🏀). Swell is a fun app that gives you 100s of opinions from friends and strangers within in a few seconds.
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@__tosh thanks for hunting us! Check our invite-only experience with the code: NARWHAL42 - valid for 1000 users! Swell is the fastest way to ask your friends for feedback, no matter where they are. It’s an evolution of our app dvel, we successfully launched on PH a couple of months ago. I'll be here to answer your questions the whole day and at SXSW from tomorrow!
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Feel free to ask @peterbuch, @fredstrasser, @phips28 or me anything about swell. If you happen to be at SXSW let's grab a ☕️
You guys also made the cool dvel app. So what's the main difference of swell compared to dvel?
@eholzbauer Hey Erich, thanks for your question. The main differences are: - the design - the location based feed (swell shows you questions nearby first) - the neccassary re-branding for the US market - the feature to tell your voters what you decided after the duration time of your card (dvel/swell). This closes the decision-making process and involves the voters even more
@peterbuch @eholzbauer what exactly made the re-branding necessary?
@stefan_fleig @eholzbauer we pitched dvel to around 200 people in the US over the last month and almost every single one had troubles with the name. 'dvel' doesn't work well in the U.S. market as it's pronounced either d-vel or devel, now swell 🐳
@stefan_fleig @peterbuch @eholzbauer on top of that, we wanted swell to be much more friendly and approachable especially for a bit younger crowd. To interact with swell should always be delightful & fun.
Simple concept, as many things that go viral. I'm seeing a lot of non user-generated content (generic google images) on the feed and repeated comparisons (such as Apple vs Samsung), what are your plans on keeping it fresh? Does it rely more on keeping Swell open to a close group of friends or is the idea leaning more towards an open focus group?
Thanks @peterbuch for building Swell! Its amazing how quick you can get decision on basically everything! Love your colors and the friendly whale … this really stands out.
@mikeseeh thanks Mike, highly appreciate it. I'm happy to have such an amazing designer in my team @smalzner