Locally made gifts, hand-delivered.

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On-demand gifting of sugary deliciousness. What's not to like about this?
The receiver experience was stellar. Adding video to the experience feels magical, especially since the recipient receives the video text and email timed perfectly with the actual delivery. Nice work, guys!
@pradeep24 Thanks Pradeep!
So glad I don't currently live in SF. This would result in poor decisions and some not so healthy life choices. In other words, this is amazing.
@imcatnoone Cat what city do you live in, I'll make sure you get something (somehow) for launch week just so you can experience the product
Hahah, @sidviswanathan thanks a ton. That's awesome. Right now I'm currently in Berlin. I'm usually all over the place but in Berlin for the most part until I move back to the states. I really appreciate you doing that—awesome customer service.
This is pretty sweet!
seems like a beautiful gift and experience.