sweetgreen for iOS

Order, pay, rewards. It's so clean, you can eat off it.

Isabel Barrera
  • Pros: 

    LOVE this app. Super well designed, really useful for ordering


    Would be great to see ingredients of the dressings somewhere

    I'm allergic to peanuts and would love to see an ingredients list for the dressings for that reason. Otherwise FANTASTIC job with this app. It has so much polish, the UX is really unique but intuitive, and the HealthKit integration is such a nice bonus. As an app engineer myself, I really appreciate the attention to detail you've put into this app. Great work.

    Isabel Barrera has used this product for one week.
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Jetset Farryn
Jetset FarrynMaker@jetsetfarryn · VP Marketing & Innovation, Sweetgreen
Hey Product Hunt! Our new mobile app combines ordering, payment and rewards, and was a year in the making with partners at OLO, LevelUp and Gin Lane. We worked closely with Gin Lane to design the UX/UI and engineer the app and related integrations - including a new middleware that enables single sign-on and a seamless integration between order.sweetgreen.com and the iOS app. We've also built out an in-house tech team to handle maintenance and new features moving forward, as this app sets the foundation for future innovation as we work to bridge the gap between heath and convenience.
ⓂMatt hartman
ⓂMatt hartman@matthartman · partner @betaworks
The new @sweegreen app is pretty frictionless. It's interesting to hear them talk about themselves as much as a technology company as a food retailer. Lots of consumer apps attach to behaviors, but there is a second layer of decreasing friction of one of the choices. It's great to see companies such as @sweetgreen building tech proficiency in-house so that they can create these types of experiences. I already notice my behavior changing can definitely imagine deciding where to have lunch, and having the @sweetgreen app reduce the friction (or, conversely, increase the likelihood) that I decide to go there among the seemingly endless number of lunch options (especially in nyc).
Sean Murphy
Sean Murphy@sean_urphy · Product Designer
So much better than it was, but still a bit buggy.
lauren drell
lauren drellMaker@drelly · sweetgreen content x creative x comms
@sean_urphy let us know what you're having issues with!
Sean Murphy
Sean Murphy@sean_urphy · Product Designer
@drelly Will do! Do you have a specific form or email for bug reports? (I'd like to provide screenshots as well)
Harlan Hill
Harlan Hill@harlan · Product, Headliner
Did y'all build in-house?
lauren drell
lauren drellMaker@drelly · sweetgreen content x creative x comms
@harlan we partnered with Gin Lane, Olo and LevelUp to integrate everything while we built our in-house tech team, who will take on further development.
Dan Matthews
Dan Matthews@danielmatthews · Head baker. Community Service Director.
Totally cool! I go to sweetgreen at least five times a week. Couple of questions: Does my sweetgreen card in apple wallet still work or do I need to do something to get that up and running again? I have a card attached to my account but when I hit the "scan to pay" option in the new app I'm told "There is currently no payment card attached to this account." Odd behavour, no?