A beautiful replacement for JavaScript's alert()

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#2 Product of the DayOctober 02, 2014
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Ryan Detzel
Ryan Detzel@ryandetzel · Engineer
Why not just override the existing alert() method so it just works? Try to make that work and I will use this for every project! http://stackoverflow.com/questio...
Willem Spruijt
Willem Spruijt@wspruijt · Engineer, Uber
@ryandetzel You could, but then you are forced to use this alert everywhere in your app, while sometimes you want to use it only at specific places.
Kilian Valkhof
Kilian Valkhof@kilianvalkhof · UX Developer
@ryandetzel You could add window.alert = sweetAlert; to your javascript and it will already do so!
Willem Spruijt
Willem Spruijt@wspruijt · Engineer, Uber
Looks great, but would love to see keyboard shortcuts (at least enter).
Phil Freo
Phil FreoHiring@philfreo · Head of Product & Engineering @ Close.io
Keyboard shortcuts! A lot of the JavaScript UI widgets that are a replacement for native/browser controls _look_ nicer, but that doesn't mean the overall UX is better. Keyboard shortcuts, auto-focus, etc. are crucial for things like alert/confirm/prompt. For completeness, would be nice to see matching confirm/prompt as well. And I agree - there should be an option for clobbering/overriding the original alert function.
Chad Fullerton
Chad Fullerton@chad_fullerton · Founder, FullertonMedia
Simple. Effective. Nice job @dvyio
David Barker
David BarkerHunter@dvyio · Designer / developer
@chad_fullerton I'd love to say I created it, but it's @t4t5's work!
Kim Schulz
Kim Schulz@kimschulz · Staff Engineer, Software
Very nice and simple.