Cleaning services platform for emerging markets

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@aishapandor and @alenribic - I'm curious, did you see the recent article about what went wrong at Homejoy? Curious to see how you are planning to avoid these pitfalls here :)
@bentossell - We've seen the article, thanks! We're aware of the issues they faced and how we can avoid similar pitfalls. For example, SweepSouth has far greater retention rates and vastly different churn and leakage metrics compared to US and European players. We're also operating in markets that traditionally use these services very often (in many cases daily), so are more mature in terms of market dynamics around the service, both from a cleaner and customer point of view.
@aishapandor @bentossell how much do the contractor/employees actually receive on a percentage basis? I was appalled to find out how much Handy takes.
SweepSouth is a product that addresses a common issue (cleaning) in a totally unique way (developing markets). They are based in South Africa and are one of the fastest growing startups that side of the world. They also truly care about their customers, cleaners, and their high ratings and feedback show it.
Love love love this product, knowing how big the impact is not only for the people who get their houses cleaned but for the cleaners as well - for many of them this may be the only option to bring income to the household! Amazing work, Aisha & Alen!

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