A cool, easy photo sharing app that bases likes on time!



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Bram Kanstein (@bramk)Hunter@bramk · Working on @nocodemvp (pre-launch)
Cool idea! As @garyvee says: It's all about attention (time) these days - basing your "likes" on time is an interesting approach. Plus one of my favorite rappers @berner415 is an advisor in this startup! :)
Jason ZuccariMaker@therealjz_ · President & Co-Founder Sweeble
Hey everyone - I’m Jason co-founder of Sweebe and I'm excited to share our iOS and Android app with the Product Hunt community! Sweeble brings the most natural way to express how much your followers genuinely “like” your post by the amount of time they actually hold on it. It has been said that time is our most precious resource and what better way to express how much you care then spending a little time with someone! Show how much you really care with Sweeble, a photo-sharing app that let’s your followers know who and what you actually consider worth your time. Because, let’s be honest, it’s near impossible to accurately express your level of interest just by hitting “like.” Only mildly enthused? Hold for one second. Best thing you’ve seen all day? Hold for a minute. Just went through a life-changing experience? Hold for an hour. Or more. The choice is yours. We hope you enjoy #FeedingTheSweeb as much as we do!
Emmie Chang@emmie · CEO, Camperoo
Sweeble is fun and casual. Instagram seems a little too "perfect". I like the engagement /time feature because in terms of measuring conversions and sales, it's not about the sheer number of fans that matter , it's generally about the ones that love you the most and engage with you the most. Finally an app captures that. Curious to see how brands respond and how the conversion rate is on future sponsored items as opposed to traditional social media which is known for notoriously low sales .
Jason ZuccariMaker@therealjz_ · President & Co-Founder Sweeble
@emmie Thanks Emmie for contributing, thats what we believe! Now that our "liking" is no longer binary 1:0 yes or no and can actually be able show the measurable data it could be very attractive to brands!
Jason ZuccariMaker@therealjz_ · President & Co-Founder Sweeble
@bramk Thanks for the hunt! and yea @berner415 is awesome!!
Dan Rosenshain@danr_4 · I try to be honest
Cool concept. Seems like you're marketing it towards the "Look how hot I am" crowd as an Ego boosting app, which is a good strategy to get some traction. I don't like it though and wouldn't use it while it's being marketed like that. Good luck!
Tyler PearsonMaker@tylerpearson · builder of things
@danr_4 Hey Dan, thanks for your feedback. We just recently launched it, so the big thing at this point is seeing how people use it. People are welcome to use it how they want.
Dan Rosenshain@danr_4 · I try to be honest
@tylerpearson True. If you can sleep at night and it helps your company you should probably do it. But I don't see the added value. That being said, I threw into the air some harsh words, and while they are probably true, I don't want to float too much negativity.