A Slack bot that donates money to charity when you curse

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SwearJar is a Slack bot that converts colorful language and buzzword-speak to small charitable donations on your company's behalf.



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David DeParolesa
David DeParolesaMaker@daviddeparolesa · Head of Product at Give Lively
Hi PH! I'm Head of Product at Give Lively, an incubator for social good, and the makers of SwearJar. We are constantly looking for new ways to insert philanthropy and social good into people's everyday lives. Given how much of our life is spent chatting on Slack, we thought it would be a perfect place to do some good in an unexpected way. SwearJar pokes fun at how we communicate with one another by converting colorful language and buzzword-speak into real dollars that benefit nonprofits. Our bot detects trigger words that we pre-select at the beginning of the week. When a trigger word is hit, we announce it to your team and automatically donate $1 to a worthy nonprofit, paid for by your company. You can set monthly limits. Your donations are tax-deductible. Some of our nonprofit partners include Crisis Text Line, which employs volunteers to help people out of crisis by actively listening in an empathetic and respectful manner and Hot Bread Kitchen in NYC, which gives economically disadvantaged individuals access to job opportunities in the culinary industry. We're currently in a private beta period, but feel free to request access and we'll make sure you get in. And we love feedback, so feel free to ask away. Thanks!
Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
If you like this, then you'll probably like Urban Slack. 😁
Cameron Steffen
Cameron Steffen@camsteffen · Poet
What a %@&?#ing terrible idea
Arlo Gilbert
Arlo Gilbert@arlogilbert · Founder & Angel
My team of sailors definitely can't afford this.
Dane Schneider
Dane SchneiderMaker@danenania · Engineer & Designer, founder of EnvKey
@arlogilbert Have no fear, you can set a monthly maximum donation as low as $25.