Your company's revenue and expenses, on Slack

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I meet a lot of startups who have a poor sense of their financial numbers...especially burn. Giving everyone on a team the ability to ask these questions should keep a lot more companies honest about whether they're being frugal and truly resourceful with what they have.
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@ilikevests Thanks! Definitely agreed with the issues keeping on track of cash burn, hopefully having this information more easily can help with that.
Hey guys, co-maker of Sway here! Super excited to share Sway with ProductHunt today. We're a Slackbot that integrates with Stripe and banks (through plaid.com) to help start-ups manage their company's finances. We give you your company's revenues and expenses straight to your Slack channel when you type "/finances". We also support flexible querying — type a date (like '3/1/16' or 'yesterday') or date range ('1/1/16 through 3/9/16' or 'last week through today') and you'll get your financial digest for those dates. The potential of Slack is super interesting to us, since Slack has become the defacto medium for start-ups (and starting to reach enterprises/smbs). It's the one app tons of different companies have open every day. By integrating into a Slack channel instead of being an app/web app, you won't have to switch contexts to get information you need when making decisions. Happy to answer any questions and would love any feedback. Cheers!
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@juecd_ Hi all, I'm the other maker of Sway -- echoing what Catherine said, we'd love any feedback and questions. Thanks so much!
I'm excited to get this configured. What makes this different from other financial tracking applications? Why Slack instead of SMS? (Front App for example does SMS because it's a primary channel for startups, or so I assume) What do you think the biggest issues with financial tracking are for startups? onwards & upwards.
@datarade @juecd_ Thanks! We started with SMS too, but got feedback that people have Slack open all day at work anyway, and it's easier to get it there. Also users said they wanted to share it to a channel so other founders / finance people can see it at the same time. The big issue with financial tracking for startups seems to be a) not being able to quickly get digests / queries about their revenues, b) not staying on top of costs -- coming from the bank account, and c) the combination of the two (revenues AND costs) in one place. Most companies seem to only look at these stats once a quarter when they have to do accounting. Right now we're trying to figure out what else companies need regarding financial tracking so we can build it in :)
@datarade Interesting that you think SMS is a more accepted platform for interacting with start-ups — I always thought receiving SMS from companies was more for urgent information (eg servers going down) and email (now Slack). Are there specific products you think SMS is a better platform for?
@juecd_ @datarade I agree, SMS seems like it's getting pretty popular with consumers as all-in-one platform (e.g. Digit, Magic) but not quite as much with startups
@juecd_ SMS is something I can read everywhere. I'll also open it right there. (No data connectivity required.) iOS users don't open the notification centers on their phone, they do however open SMS. (In fact, go to an iOS user and ask them to open their notifications, you'll see what I mean.) Android users do open notifications, because it's configured differently from my understanding. I'm an iOS user. People love SMS as an interface. As well, tell me, what's the biggest killer SlackBot company? (I don't believe there is one, because it's a 2-3 step tray.io or zapier.com integration packaged with abstraction) Cheers.
@datarade @juecd_ I have iOS too, I do have 'app fatigue' nowadays -- not sure when the last time I downloaded a full app was. I wouldn't mind an SMS interface as well in addition to Slack, especially if we can choose what we want to be notified on each platform
This is super useful @charleyma @shwinda . Have really enjoyed the beta product! Congrats on the launch!!
@jkliks @charleyma @shwinda Thanks so much Joel!
This looks very cool! I see that you integrate with Stripe which seems useful for seeing exactly where revenue is coming from at glance. Any plans to build out analytics or notifications around that? It also might be cool to generate a weekly digest of expense/revenue data that gets delivered automatically via email or Slack.
@jenniferdewalt Thanks for your kind words! We're still exploring what would be most useful for Stripe users, but we're starting with reporting Stripe-generated revenues. Is there anything specific around Stripe you think would be useful? Love the weekly digest idea.
@juecd_ One thing that might be useful to know is changes in revenue or subscriptions from week to week. If there is an unexpected spike or dropoff, that would be good to know along with the bare numbers.