A fun and accurate color picker for the real world

Swatches is an iOS app that lets you collect, inspect and share the colors that inspire you in your daily life. If you've ever wanted to paint a wall a true sky blue or color a logo with your favorite flower, Swatches is for you.

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Hey, just to let you know when trying to access your website from Firefox I got a 'Secure Connection Failed' warning and when trying to do so from my phone it gets blocked by my internet provider "We think that this site contains things that could be harmful for you or your computer, so it’s been blocked in line with this accounts' Web Safe settings. It might contain viruses, be used for phishing, or be a fraudulent site out to scam you." so you should definitely look into that. The app looks really cool, any chance on seeing it on Android in the future?
@barteksoltys I'm so glad you like the look of the app! I may add an Android version at some point dependent on demand. I can't reproduce that behavior but I assume it's an issue with your setup recognizing my SSL certificates. What version of Firefox are you using? Which operating system/device? Which ISP do you use? Do you have any luck using a different web browser? Thanks for reporting this!
@andrew_campoli Newest stable version of Firefox 57.0.3. My ISP is Virgin Media. Also tried on Chrome which says "This site can’t be reached unexpectedly closed the connection." and Internet Explorer. I use a Dell Inspiron N5010 running Windows 7 through I also tried it on my OnePlus 3 (running stock Android 8.0.0) with both Chrome and Firefox.
@barteksoltys It looks like it's being blocked by your ISP's "Web Safe" feature. The site is not blocked by any other ISP I've checked (Optimum or Spectrum) and is not blocked by the browsers themselves as far as I can tell and I don't see anything going wrong with the site itself. To confirm this you could try accessing the site using a cellular connection (assuming Virgin Media doesn't also provide that) or connecting through another ISP on another network. It looks to me like "Web Safe" blocks things aggressively and often without good reason when a site uses SSL (https): After some Googling, I found that Virgin Media users can whitelist a website that has been wrongly blocked. Instructions are at the end of this thread: I also sent their support team an email explaining the situation, which according to other posts should be handled within 3 weeks.
@andrew_campoli Yep you're right, I use Three for my mobile provider and the website loads up without any issues. I've never really messed around with my router settings (don't remember having an issue like it before) but I'll make sure to whitelist your site- I was hoping there'd be a 'sign up for Android release news' button :P
Very handy iPhone color app that generates color palettes from anything you point your iPhone at. It has a cool bunch of features and it's free! - Capture Swatches on the fly: Sampling begins immediately, no need to take a photo first. - Pick the perfect color: Swatches supports manual white balance and exposure for maximum accuracy! - Check out your Swatches: View your Swatches as RGB or Hex values and even see the nearest paint and Pantone colors! If color values aren't your thing, fullscreen your Swatch and use it as a reference. - Share your Swatches: Know you got a great Swatch? Share it! Copy, Email, Text, Facebook, Twitter, Airdrop and even send your Swatches directly to other users. - Burst Mode: Don't want to commit to one Swatch at a time? Capture a Burst and pick your favorite, you can always change your mind later! - Build your own Palettes: Your Swatches get lonely all on their own, group them into Palettes and watch them work together! - Accessibility support: Swatches supports VoiceOver for the visually impaired and supplies color type information for the color blind.
@t55 That's a lot of things the app does, is there a promotional video?
@kydyzyx Unfortunately not. But the app is free, so you can try and see for yourself.
@t55 I see... will try it out :)
Awesome and very helpful :)
This looks great!
Hey @andrew_campoli, saw someone at a design lab event use the Swatches app to identify colors from objects in real time, and I thought it was awesome! They were having so much fun just recognizing different colors and reading the labels. Any progress on an Android version?