Make procreate swatches easily

Generate a color palette for procreate? ✅
Find new color palettes? ✅
Seed a color palette using an image? ✅
Generate a random one? ✅
Share a palette via link? ✅
Free? ✅
Open source? ✅
Enter Swatcher.
Making procreate palettes should be easy. Now it is.
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So there I was, watching Youtube videos of all these Procreate artists, and I open up the app, waiting for inspiration to strike. First things first. The color palette. oof. ...Where to start? Open up a few generators. Why are all the color palettes for procreate shared on blogs? Why do I have to enter my email? Well. Why not just make it? So here we are - a week later - and swatcher is released. Swatcher aims to make the process of sharing and procreate color palettes easier. - Create a palette and share it via link - Adjust generated palettes - Grab a color palette based off of an image - Get random palettes - Get community palettes Where to go from here? Well. Wherever you want! I'm open to suggestions! Client is here: Server is here: PRs and Issues tracked and welcomed.