Swarm 4.0

Compete with friends based on the places you go

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Best version of Swarm yet (well expect for 4.2 which I'm testing now :) Lifelogging FTW!
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@dens Awesome! Still hoping that city badges will make a comeback! :)
@dens Looks awesome :)
@dens Great work! P.S. Would LOVE if Swarm prompted you to check into places with push notifications, Foursquare tips-style.
@jackiehluo @dens it does if you have an apple watch! ;-)
@jackiehluo @dens It does! Even without a Watch.
I know a certain someone with years of data and 8k+ check-ins with a primary purpose of "bookmarking" places visited. cc @suzywillow
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@rrhoover woah, that's a lot of check-ins, @suzywillow! I've been using this IFTTT recipe to adds my check-ins (w/ maps) to a Google spreadsheet. Glad Swarm is starting to capitalize on all the location data its gathered over the years. Reminds me of Foursquare Time Machine from back in 2013.
@rrhoover only 8k checkins?? Pfttt... ;)
I've always wanted it to be a lifelog. Love the map.
"Hi, I am one of the first 57,000 users of foursquare". I've taken a few breaks from 4sq/swarm since I downloaded it on to my iPhone 3GS in a pub in Dalston before Dalston was cool. Swarm has really picked up since v3 and I like this "gamey" update a lot. Seeing the value of splitting the apps but keeping them connected now, for sure. OH! and don't forget to check out the map at the top of your profile!
@sholtaway you're just the coolest ;)
@dannylowney lol "I WAS THERE!!!"