Cryptoequity crowdfunding platform

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the name reminds me of this other app…
I appreciate the aim for a clean and simple design but I think you are going to need to pivot from the name and logo. You can't pull off a black circle for your logo unless you have TONS of marketing power or some rockstar street cred ala Svbtle. Also, there are a bunch of web and native apps called Swarm, its gonna make your path harder. Why not call it something more specific and memorable like SwarmCoin ( which you have on the page). Also, you should probably lead with actual companies or things up for funding. Currently the majority of the pages is dedicated to "How I Join" not nearly enough on "Why I should care?" I am not trying to be overly critical. I personally really like the idea and will probably get involved but I think for most people this is going to soar right over their head. Still, upvote!
@netspencer That's a bold SEO strategy, Cotton, let's see how it plays out!
@shawnborsky - I actually like the visual design but the messaging is confusing, imho
Can't stop thinking about this, TBH.