Keep up & meet up w/ your friends (pre-launch)

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Matt Lanham
Matt Lanham@mattlanham · Founder of geckoengage.com
Very similar to a Scottish startup called Swarmly (http://www.swarmly.co/)
jonathan@pomajp · founder/ceo, rocketcode.io
So...I can't check in on @foursquare any more in about a month? I have to start using @swarmapp? I guess I'll be putting Swarm on my homescreen and relegating Foursquare to my "going out" folder... [self-aware acknowledgement: i'm in the vast minority in that i still check in at the gym, out with friends and on vacation]
Tom Limongello
Tom Limongello@tomlimongello · CEO of Truffle
My biggest use of foursquare these days is sharing locations for meetings, lunch, dates. Will that get better / easier on Foursquare? Will there be chat in Swarm? These are my questions.
Adam Sigel
Adam Sigel@adamsigel · Product @Hometap_, Founder @bosproduct
Have to reserve some judgment until the app is actually released, but I can understand why they're doing it. Lots of people still think Foursquare = check-in, but there's more business to be had on the recommendations/discovery side. Plus, as the article points out, this way the user gets an experience optimized for the action they want to perform 19/20 times.
Jonathan Howard
Jonathan HowardHiring@staringispolite · Growth engineer & founder
Is "experimental side-app" the new "permanent beta"? Not only have I never used FourSquare to meet up with friends I wasn't already going to meet up with (despite the initial promise of doing so), I've only ever seen *anyone* do it since I joined in 2009. I must either be in the minority, or they see a need to push people toward this in a way they don't see feasible in the current app (Or perhaps as a user-psychology hack, it's worth trying, but if it fails as an experimental side-app, it doesn't hurt the Foursquare app's brand.)