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As a bit of a bibliophile, I've always enjoyed recommending books and asking for suggestions. And ever since my college years, I've felt that book swaps were the best way to ensure an economically and ecologically friendly way to share in with the wonder of books (I once even setup a table in the main student building piled with books that I wanted to swap with others). I tried a few ways to port this to a digital format but I always stumbled over how it could be done in a trustworthy way ... Enter Swappy Books, the book swapping app that I wish I had created. Instead of letting thoughts about trust get in the way, it resorts to bare bones and trusts people will do the right thing. Without even creating a user account. How it works: - You scan the ISBN code of the book you are willing to swap and you’re ready to go. (The user will have the chance of writing down the book name if his book is not found by ISBN code). - Each user will be shown books of people nearby, which he can ‘like’ or ‘dislike’. - When there is a match the user will be able to chat with the owner of the other book to coordinate the exchange. As simple as that. And the best part is, it’s free! - No user registration needed. It's in iPhone now only, but the team is working on porting it to Android soon. Check it out!
Morning guys, The day has come, we are in PH. Thanks to Ali for hunting us and for his words. Hope you enjoy SwappyBooks and exchange many books! Feel free to send us feedback and suggestions. Cheers.
Hi guys! Ali, thanks for the hunt =) When you try our app don't forget to chech our the new iMessage stickers. Happy book swap to all! Raf
@rafs84 Congrats, Raf! :)
@jeffco3 Thanks Jeffrey!
Love this! Great for building communities - potentially could be very fun on college campuses or at large companies as well. Kudos! 📚
@nickabouzeid Hey Nick, thanks for your comments. Glad you liked it! Yes, we are trying to build and approach existing book communities such as book clubs and forums. Also thought about college and campuses as part of these niches. We need to work a bit more on the right approach for the right community. Hopefully we can reach all of them.
Good work guys but just FYI, this product idea was already done w/ Bookup (location-based book swapping)... see here: https://www.producthunt.com/post...